It has been our privilege for many years for Kebzeh Publications to offer the works authored by our Head Elder Murat Yagan, as well as Sufi poetry translated by Murat, to all interested seekers. With the aim of improving this service, we are taking a temporary break to re-organize Kebzeh Publications. This break begins December 5, 2019. The final date for accepting book orders is December 4, 2019.

Kebzeh Publications will re-open under new management in the coming new year. Please check the Kebzeh Publications pages for details.

With sincere appreciation, we thank you one and all for your support of our Publications work over these past many years. We will continue to offer the books that make it possible for seekers to discover the teachings of the ancient Tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh as transmitted by Head Elder Murat Yagan, and apply them to our daily lives in today’s world. We look forward to continuing this service under the new management in 2020.

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