Universal Awe Volume One – Ebook




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The ancient oral tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh, as learned and lived by Elder Murat Yagan, is recorded in this book. Seekers will discover the spiritual principles and practices of Ahmsta Kebzeh. Historians, ethnologists and sociologists will be intrigued by details of the social and cultural customs of the tradition as lived for millennia by the Circassians, the mountain peoples of the Caucasus. But because this book addresses the very essence of being human, it is a book for everyone. Ahmsta Kebzeh is a ‘mystical science’ that explains who and what a human being is and the place of human in Creation. Offering a scientific explanation of spiritual or mystical terms such as Transformation, Love, Beauty, Spirit, God, Consciousness, Self, Synergy, Cosmic Mind and more, Ahmsta Kebzeh speaks profoundly to humanity in this New Age, defined by the author as the age of the reconciliation of positive science and mysticism, ‘the greatest marriage of our time.’ At this time, when life on our planet forces us to re-visit our understanding of what being human really means, Ahmsta Kebzeh provides a comprehensive system of transformation that can raise us from our limited experience of ‘human’ to the realization of our full potential as completed, perfected ‘Human.’ Through this transformation to become fully Human, we can come to know and experience the Kebzeh principle:

Without me, God is latent. Without God, I am not.
Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe – Volume 1 is divided into 3 parts:
– Part One, Presentation of the Essentials of the Teaching;
– Part Two, Transformation of Human;
– Part Three, Inner Body Work.

Murat chose the image for the cover of the book, and Patricia Johnston has created a gold leaf painting of this image that carries great power. The text is enhanced by seven illustrations, beautifully drawn by artist Mary Anne Kingsmill.