The Essence of Sufism in the Light of Kebzeh, the Tradition of the Caucasus Mountains – E-BOOK




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For over 30 years a circle of friends has gathered around Murat Yagan, and together they have pursued the body of oral teachings reflected in this book. By means of sohbet, the art of spiritual conversation, Murat illuminates classical Sufi teachings such as Grace and Baraka, God Within, Point of Contact, “Die before you die,” the Way of Blame, and the Seven Stations of Attainment. Pursuing an intellectual approach which aims at reaching the heart, or subconscious mind, Murat clarifies essential spiritual concepts such as God, love, beauty, faith, worship, will and transformation. Murat’s voice reflects his roots in the ancient spiritual tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh and his experience of Turkish Sufism, as well as his love for Jesus and his appreciation of modern science.

Author Murat Yagan grew up in an aristocratic family in Istanbul. His father was a Circassian nobleman and his mother a pious Muslim Sufi. Murat’s spiritual training began with elders of the Kebzeh tradition who were members of his family’s extended household. In his 20’s he continued his training among the Bektashi Dervishes. In 1963 he immigrated to Canada with his wife Maisie and their children. At age 93, surrounded by students and friends, Murat continues to share, to write, and to pursue his love of carpentry.

Editor Ya’qub ibn Yusuf grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a Conservative Rabbi and his mother a passionate Bible teacher. In his 20’s, seeking a spiritual master in Israel, he became the disciple of an Arab Sufi Sheikh. Seven years later, seeking an authentic form of Sufism that fits the modern world, Ya’qub made contact with Murat. Since 1984 he has led Essential Sufi groups, first in Canada and then in Israel. Ya’qub is the proprietor of Jerusalem’s spiritual bookstore, Olam Qatan.

NOTE: This book is a revised and expanded edition of the book entitled The Teachings of Kebzeh – Essentials of Sufism from the Caucasus Mountains by Murat Yagan, edited by Ya’qub ibn Yusuf. (NOW OUT OF PRINT)