Psyche, Love & Will, A Journey to Infinite Abundance – EBook




Kebzeh Teaching Series I through IV
This series, compiled from talks given by Murat Yagan since 1978 is intended to cover the whole of the intellectual aspect of the teaching. Each booklet in this series provides an in-depth study of one of the major concepts of the teaching.

Key Kebzeh concepts are explored in this book, with particular emphasis on the faculty of Will which sets human apart from all other members of Creation. Additional topics include Murat’s talk to the Two Rivers Gurdjieff community in Oregon, the Spirit of Homo Sapiens, science and mysticism, contemplation, creation and creativity, completing and completion, and our spiritual inheritance. Also given is a selection of early talks between Murat and students covering subjects such as Witness and Milieu, Worship and Yearning, Love and Sexual Energy, Consciousness and Coma, Essence and others. A Glossary guides the reader to the correct understanding of terms that have specific meanings in the Kebzeh teaching.