II – Kanaat and Abundant Life




Kebzeh Teaching Series
This series, compiled from talks given by Murat Yagan since 1978 is intended to cover the whole of the intellectual aspect of the teaching. Each booklet in this series provides an in-depth study of one of the major concepts of the teaching. (Note: The text in this series shows an older spelling of the word “Ahmsta.” Mr. Yagan later changed “Ahmusta” to “Ahmsta” with the aim of achieving a more accurate pronunciation in English.)

Understanding the concept of ‘kanaat’ or ‘knowing that you have’, is one of the keys to attaining abundant life on earth. This book helps us to grasp the important role played by our attitudes of mind in creating our life experiences. The book includes valuable insights on the subjects of contentment, generosity, humbleness, prayer, direct contact with the divine, higher self, love, and the New Age.

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