I Wrapped Myself In Flesh and Bones and I Appeared as Yunus




Yunus Emre, called the Minstrel of Sufism, was a simple man who like Chaucer, was the first poet to write in the common language of his people. It is believed he lived at the turn of the 13th century in what is now central Turkey. His songs are still sung today, beloved for the simplicity and clarity with which they express the experience of the human heart. Included in this volume are three poems addressed to Yunus by later mystics. As testimonial to him, they wrote in perfect imitation of Emre’s own style, making themselves one with him in reverence. Murat Yagan’s translation of Yunus Emre’s hymns, expressed with the compelling rhythms of life, convey a sense of timeless and spaceless communion with the Divine.

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