Our Creed

I know God, the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Cosmic Mind and Eternal Spirit of Creative Power, and Jesus Christ, the highest example of completed man, whose genetic inheritance derives directly from God, an Immaculate Conception.

I know the predestination of mankind as stated in the Epistle of Paul, the Apostle, to the Ephesians, Chapter 1, verses 3 to 12, that my birthright is the attainment of Christhood. I know the truth in the forgiveness of sins through atonement, reconciliation with God, and I know the truth in our immortal existence. I know that salvation is just the first step for a human being. To reach abundant life and take my place in the Royal Family of the Kingdom of God, I work to awaken my latent human faculties under Divine Grace and Guidance, coming to know who I am by finding God within.

I acknowledge the uniqueness of mankind as the Kings and Queens of witnesses and the only form of consciousness that possesses will. It is through application of will, with humbleness, gratitude and love, that the receptivity needed to be in direct communion with God can be developed. My attainment in this love affair with God will enable me to work effectively for the benefit and upliftment of my fellow man. My aim is more than individual attainment for its own sake. In my daily life, I know myself to be a completing human being: Without me God is latent. Without God, I am not. With others of like mind, I share the dynamic purpose of creating true peace on Earth through the power of synergy. I live the truth of the prayer: Thy will be done and mine be one with thine.

I know that the meaning of the Second Coming of Christ is the elevation of the consciousness of people on the planet to the level of Christhood, so that our world becomes a loving and harmonious Garden of Eden, in keeping with our human potential, and that this is possible in the New Age, the age of the marriage of science and mysticism. The essence of the means of doing this is found in Jesus’ commandment, Love one another as I have loved you, and is reflected in our motto:
One for All, All for One!