Essentialist Church of Christ

The Essentialist Church of Christ was formed over a quarter of a century ago, the first Church of its kind to our knowledge, based on the spiritual tradition Ahmsta Kebzeh which is many thousands of years old.  The tenets of this teaching are best exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth, whom we hold as a perfect example of a completed, fully functional human being, one who knows his true identity, purpose and at-oneness with God. His teachings are intended to guide those who also wish to claim their birthright which is to be a completed human being and live an abundant life.

Two thousand years ago, the vast majority of people in the world were illiterate and intellectually undeveloped. Jesus used parables to enable everyone to gain something from the deep wisdom of His teachings. Today in comparison, the literacy rate in the world is much higher and a more complete understanding of these profound teachings is possible. And now for the first time in recorded history, science and spirituality are beginning to verify each other’s discoveries. We live in an extraordinary time where a realization of these truths can bring about global benefits for all humanity.

As Essentialists we recognize the universal truths that are the foundation of all religions and spiritual paths. It is not our objective to convert but rather to be of service to others through the knowledge we have been given.

logoOne aspect of our Church service is the frequent celebration of Communion with bread and wine, which not only commemorates Jesus’s Last Supper but also the blessing received long ago by Father Abraham, recounted in the Book of Genesis. Abram was anointed by the “priest of God Most High” known to us as Melchizedek, whose name means “faithful angel or messenger.” He was sent specifically to deliver a baptism of consciousness to uplift Abram and his descendants from the limitations of Adam to the awareness of Christhood and the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus Abram became Abraham, the “father of multitudes” and of the three great Abrahamic religions.

The Creed of the Essentialist Church of Christ is presented below.


Importance of community

Church 1It becomes possible to actualize the one commandment of Jesus, “love one another as I have loved you,” when we are joined together as a community of like-minded people with a common goal. Science tells us that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, and this truth reflects itself dramatically when humans combine their time, energy and goodwill towards a common altruistic end. To develop as a whole human being is a life task that requires the full support of like-minded brothers and sisters with the same goal in mind and heart. Together, we seek our full human-hood so that we may respond to the many critical needs humanity is facing globally and locally.

The master builder of community is LOVE. In community, love is developed in every aspect: eros love, philos love, agape love, doing love, and generating synergy of love. Love is the predominant element that transforms a group of people into a community. The community is a group of people that see themselves as “One”. This oneness is the synergy created by the resonance of each individual vibrating together with the entire group as a whole.  Synergy, in this case, is particularly effective in strengthening the individual and the community in its common goal which is to become fully human and serve each other with spontaneous altruism.




I came that you might have life – John 10:10

I came that you might have life – John 10:10

We aim to make available and facilitate that which may uplift and assist people to reach an abundant life. We seek to apply the teachings of Jesus within our individual lives as well as serve the local community and planet as a whole. For example: our Sanctuary provides a perfect milieu for evenings of “Poetry and Music of Ecstasy,” at which original and traditional poetry and music are presented. Meditation evenings are another service offered to our members and our extended community of Vernon and the Okanagan. You are invited to refer to our Kebzeh Calendar (first item under “Home” on our Home page) to see our scheduled events.

Our activities include:
Sunday Service – 10:00 a.m.  All are welcome to attend.
Memorial Services



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CREED of the Essentialist Church of Christ

I know God, the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Cosmic Mind and Eternal Spirit of Creative Power, and Jesus Christ, the highest example of completed man, whose genetic inheritance derives directly from God, an Immaculate Conception.

I know the predestination of mankind as stated in the Epistle of Paul, the Apostle, to the Ephesians, Chapter 1, verses 3 to 12, that my birthright is the attainment of Christhood.  I know the truth in the forgiveness of sins through atonement, reconciliation with God, and I know the truth in our immortal existence.  I know that salvation is just the first step for a human being.  To reach abundant life and take my place in the Royal Family of the Kingdom of God, I work to awaken my latent human faculties under Divine Grace and Guidance, coming to know who I am by finding God within.

I acknowledge the uniqueness of mankind as the Kings and Queens of witnesses and the only form of consciousness that possesses will.  It is through application of will, with humbleness, gratitude and love that the receptivity needed to be in direct communion with God can be developed. My aim is not individual attainment for its own sake, but to allow me to work effectively for the benefit and upliftment of my fellow man. With others of like mind, I share the ultimate purpose of returning this planet to its original state of Paradise, the Garden of Eden, where human beings live as companions to God, the Absolute Will.

I know that the meaning of the Second Coming of Christ is the elevation of the consciousness of people on the planet to the level of Christhood, so that our world becomes a peaceful, harmonious and loving place to live, in keeping with our human potential, and that this is possible in the New Age, the age of the marriage of science and mysticism. The essence of the means of doing this is found in Jesus’s commandment, Love one another as I have loved you and is reflected in our motto:

One for All, All for One