Distance Education


The newly updated Kebzeh Curriculum is an experiment in Distance Education. In a series of 20 lessons, participants study the essential principles of the Kebzeh Tradition including physical exercises, intellectual work, and inner body exercises.

Prerequisite for Study

It is necessary to form a study group of like-minded seekers who wish to come together in an earnest desire to learn, discuss and apply the Teaching in daily life. Before beginning curriculum study, a first reading of several of our texts is necessary. Contact with the Distance Education guide should happen at least once a month by Skype, phone or both. Visiting the community, especially for special events, is also recommended.

Partial Outline of Curriculum Lessons      img003t

  1. Wholistic Life and Completing Human
  2. Claiming Your Birthright and Kanaat
  3. Physical Exercises
  4. The Natural Laws
  5. Prayer/Worship
  6. Inner Body Exercises
  7. Consciousness
  8. Master Desire
  9. History and Origins of the Tradition of Ahmsta Kebzeh
  10. Community, Leadership, and Synergy
  11. Intellect and Ego
  12. Knowledge
  13. Sexuality and Spirituality
  14. Will
  15. Meditation
  16. Contemplation
  17. Healing
  18. Resentment and Forgiveness
  19. Memory
  20. Alchemy

Our Commitment

The Education Guide or her delegate agrees to work with the study group and answer questions based on the reading material. Much of the reading material may be purchased through our Online Store in the Kebzeh Publications pages of our website. Handouts and transcripts are sent to seekers by the Education Guide.


We ask that those wishing to study the Kebzeh curriculum take out a one-year membership in the Kebzeh Foundation. The cost is $240.00, payable in a lump sum or in monthly installments of $20.00.

Our membership fee covers any expenses in providing curriculum materials such as hard copies of transcripts, excerpts from teaching sessions, etc..  Students are asked to cover shipping costs when applicable.


A contact will be named at a later date.